Range of markets

Range of markets

TradeFred is dedicated to offering you a wide variety of trading opportunities. That is why we provide access to over 150 assets, available across all of our platforms.


Foreign Exchange, or Forex as it is more commonly known, is the world’s largest market. It boasts 24-hour trading opportunities from early Monday until late Friday. While Forex has a volatile nature, it also presents investors with many chances to capitalize on rising and falling prices.

  • Choose from nearly 50 Forex currency pairs via major and emerging markets
  • Spreads are competitively priced and offer easy execution
  • Up to 1:50 leverage on currency pairs

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Trade shares in the biggest and most recognized international brands. With just the click of a button, you will be able to buy and sell stocks in major corporations without having to worry about additional fees or restrictions.

  • Trade shares from among the top global companies
  • Gain access to major exchanges – such as FTSE, NASDAQ & NYSE
  • Up to 1:10 leverage on stocks
  • Great spreads and fantastic execution

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Predict the fortunes of the world’s major stock markets with TradeFred’s wide range of indices. Assess the potential impact of economic and political factors to determine your investment strategy.

  • Trade on many of the top global Indices from six continents
  • Gain access to the most popular markets – including UK 100, US 30 & JPN 225
  • Tight and competitive spreads
  • Up to 1:25 leverage on indices

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Precious metals

Assets such as gold are widely considered to be safe havens during times of extreme market turbulence. With TradeFred, you can trade a wide variety of precious metals and currency crosses to create your optimum investment strategy.

  • Trade the most popular precious metals – including Gold, Silver, Platinum
  • Competitive spreads
  • Up to 1:25 leverage on precious metals

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The energy markets can be extremely dynamic, offering traders with a multitude of opportunities to make a substantial profit. Predict how you think the market will go and take up positions on some of the world’s most important energy products.

  • Perfect for traders with a global perspective
  • Spreads which are competitive and offer great execution
  • Gives traders the opportunity to diversify in physical resources
  • Up to 1:25 leverage on energies

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Agricultural assets

Discover the potential profits trading on agricultural commodities and trade with some of the world’s important materials. The volatile markets not only create a host of trading opportunities, but also offer a perfect way to diversify your portfolio.

  • Trade major soft commodities – such as Coffee, Sugar, Corn and Cotton
  • Up to 1:25 leverage on agricultural assets
  • Competitive spreads and great execution
  • Gives traders the ability to trade global commodities

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Due to high demand Tradefred has introduced Bitcoin (BTC) in three different currencies, allowing clients to expand their trading strategy and include these instruments in their daily trading.

Tradefred enables you to trade Bitcoin (BTC) at very competitive prices and great liquidity to suit all your trading needs.

Bitcoin (BTC) known to be the leading cryptocurrency, has registered significant success since its introduction and is continuing to scale new record high prices.

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For more information about the assets TradeFred offers, please click here to view our trading conditions.