Social Trading

Social Trading

Get ready to be part of the fastest-growing innovation in Forex and CFD trading. TradeFred is pleased to offer all clients the chance to form a community and share their successes or best practices.

Social trading allows investors of all skill levels to participate, giving experienced traders an opportunity to impart wisdom, while letting beginners benefit from the knowledge of others. It is also totally anonymous – since you do not have to give access to your trading account, or disclose your personal details.

Why trade socially?

One of the biggest plus points of social trading is that it can be mutually-beneficial for experienced and novice investors alike. Inexperienced traders can use the ‘copy trading’ feature, which automatically copies the open positions of successful traders. Meanwhile, those who attract followers can also be rewarded for their efforts in helping others.

In addition, investors gain an extra avenue to hedge their trading risk. By spreading their capital among different traders, as well as other markets, they can diversify their portfolio and avoid risking all their funds in one area.

TradeFred’s social platform

To take part in social trading, all clients must answer a number of questions to gauge their suitability and attitude towards risk. This ensures that our investors are protected from people who are too risky with their trades – and also prepares traders for the social trading experience.

We also follow a set of strict rules to select investors we feel are suitable to have their trades copied – known as “Masters”. This is just another way that we put the best interests and safety of our clients at heart.