Trading Signals

Trade signals

Trade signals are a series of recommendations based on the analysis of key technical indicators in the market. They provide information on current trends to help decide if you should go long or short in your positions.

Each signal is derived from a variety of different economic indicators, including:

  • Trade volumes
  • Chart patterns
  • Interest rates
  • Current market activity

Trade signals can be instrumental in deciding the optimum opportunity to make a trade, and when a current trend is likely to come to an end.

Although they can prove to be a powerful tool to predict which way a market may turn, it is important not to base your entire trading strategy on the information provided. Instead, trade signals should be used as part of your analysis alongside other key indicators, ensuring you make well-informed investments.

TradeFred’s signals  

We provide all real money account holders with daily trade signals to help them better understand market trends. Use them to access the latest market information and update your strategy with ease.

Please note that these signals are provided to TradeFred via a third party. As such, TradeFred cannot accept liability for any losses incurred as a result of this service. In addition, this does not constitute an offer to buy or sell financial instruments and should not be considered as investment advice.