Safety of Funds

Safety of Funds

At TradeFred, the security of client funds is of paramount importance. That is why we have invested heavily in numerous safeguards to protect investors and create a trusted trading environment.

State of the art security systems

TradeFred has implemented an innovative online security system that is backed by watertight anti-money laundering and fraud prevention policies. We use industry-leading ID verification and authentication procedures to protect against financial crime.

Regular audits are carried out to ensure complete and continued protection, undertaken by cyber security specialists. In addition, TradeFred operates high-level encryption for both transactions and communication.

Segregation of client funds

Tradefred segregates all funds deposited from the company’s assets, which are kept in separate bank accounts. This ensures that money belonging to our traders are not accessible for any other purpose.

TradeFred uses its funds for hedging client transactions and never engages in propriety trading. Our finances are also independently audited to verify that our operations comply with the highest possible standards.

Accounts with top tier banks

TradeFred holds accounts with the world’s most secure and established financial institutions. We have trust letters in place to ensure that our funds remain completely segregated from the bank’s assets.

As such, our clients’ investments are secure and free to be withdrawn at any time.

Risk management

We do not engage in spread betting of any nature, and instead, implement automated transaction monitoring and risk management systems to ensure that a client’s balance will never fall below the level of their origin.

Fully regulated

TradeFred is operated by MagicPath Capital. MagicPath Capital is fully licensed and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, and complies with strict reporting requirements.