Identity Verification & Protection

Identity verification and protection

As part of our continued commitment to providing a secure environment for investors, TradeFred has implemented numerous procedures to keep client funds safe.

One such policy is to build a detailed picture of our customers and the types of transactions carried out. By doing this, TradeFred will be able to quickly identify and query changes in trading behaviour or irregular activity within the account.

TradeFred conducts strict identification policies to ensure all clients are fully verified – thereby confirming that the person carrying out the transactions is indeed the account holder. Therefore, we will request you provide proof of your identity when making payments.

TradeFred accepts the following documentation as valid proof of identity:

  • Colour copy of valid passport
  • Colour copy of valid driver’s license
  • Colour copy of national identity card

Furthermore, TradeFred will also look at client usage to identify patterns such as shared IP addresses and devices, plus the times at which the user usually makes their trade. We will then use this information to query anything that falls outside these parameters.

Validation is carried out seamlessly, to ensure no interference with our clients’ day-to-day usage of TradeFred’s services. In addition, all transactions are made safely and securely, so you can invest with total confidence.