About TradeFred

TradeFred was established in 2016, providing Forex and CFD traders with a trusted and hassle-free investment solution. We deliver a dedicated, client-centric service available in multiple languages.

Part of MagicPath Capital, TradeFred is fully authorised and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). As such, we meet the highest standards of corporate governance and financial reporting, ensuring a secure trading environment for clients.

The TradeFred board of directors consists of experts in the fields of financial services, marketing and affiliate management. Our experience allows us to offer a superior bespoke solutions to both clients and partners.

We are a multi-national company with offices around the world.

Core Commitments

TradeFred is dedicated to providing all clients with premium customer support. Our expert combination of straightforward deposits and faster withdrawals, coupled with industry-leading market analysis and a state-of-the-art security system ensures an exceptional investment experience.

Furthermore, our extensive knowledge centre offers unparalleled assistance to help you devise successful investment strategies. We are also committed to supporting new investors take their first steps into the trading arena, providing them with all the information and tools they need to make informed decisions.

TradeFred caters for all investors, no matter their wealth or experience levels. This enables us to provide a unique and bespoke service that is purposefully designed to suit your needs and requirements.

Company values

TradeFred was founded on three core principles that form the cornerstone of our entire operation – integrity, originality and innovation. We believe that these values are of paramount importance when creating an exceptional trading experience for our clients.

Speculating on Forex and CFD markets carries a great deal of risk. As such, it is essential that you do not exacerbate the situation by gambling on your choice of broker. To alleviate this, TradeFred provides a fully-regulated and transparent service that you can trust and rely upon throughout your investment journey. We believe this creates a stable foundation upon which you can build the perfect investment strategy.

In addition, TradeFred recognises that not all investors are the same. Each person has their own unique goals and strategies in their quest to make a profit. Our company is built to cater for your individual needs and requirements, creating a trading environment that is tailor-made for success.

We always have our finger on the pulse of each and every new development, and are committed to updating our services to reflect the latest technological advancements. This ensures we are able to keep up with the rapidly-changing Forex and CFD markets and deliver a seamless trading experience.

Why TradeFred

Why choose us

TradeFred has developed an innovative trading platform, combined with a fully-transparent and professional marketing service. We understand that trust is paramount, and have created an ethical business dedicated to excellence.

We have therefore invested in a robust security system to provide the highest level of online protection available and ensure a safe trading environment.

TradeFred also delivers exceptional levels of support with a highly-skilled customer service team.

We are powered by the world’s largest independent recreational gaming company, Betfred. Established in 1967, the business is committed to providing exceptional customer service – an ethos that forms the very foundation of our culture.

TradeFred was created with traders in mind. Encompassing a unique and secure platform, industry-leading marketing solutions and premium customer support, we are committed to maintaining our position as a trusted name and leading expert in the Forex industry.

Why tradefred is different

TradeFred’s extensive knowledge of the financial industry allows us to provide a tailor-made and professional service that meets even the highest level of expectations.

Our unique combination of financial experience, outstanding client support and affiliate management expertise enables us to offer investors and partners what they need to succeed.